Book Review: Seriously, Just Go to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

Seriously, Just Go to Sleep is the G-rated, traditional-sized, children's version of the book every parent has been talking about. Go the F*** to Sleep, the picture book for adults, became a cultural sensation by striking a universal chord for parents. Now, Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cort├ęs do a companion volume that lets kids in on the fun.

Release Date: March 2012
Age Group: Adult & Children
Source: Publisher
Reviewed By: Nat

This is the rated G, children's' version of the retelling of the book, Go the F**k to Sleep. The wildly popular adult version had parents cracking up at the real life bedtime nightmares that EVERY parent can relate too and mixed with the darling, foul F-bomb. When Samuel Jackson became the voice of the audio version, listeners LOST. IT. He somehow made the rhyming-like phrases and F-bomb deliver even more belly laughs. If you are curious, watch it HERE. If you are like me and loathe the F-bomb, DO NOT WATCH. He shouts it in an unapologetic tone.

I wanted to read the story, and the G rated version was the best fit for me. It. Was. Hilarious. no F-bomb needed. Seriously, I could related to just about every page. This book nailed it when it comes to parenting and the bed time battle. First you start off all sweet and play to their little odd requests and then you gradually get to the point where you want to freaking pull out your hair, their hair and really begin to doubt your sanity. 

The illustrations are beautiful and there was one image that had me bent over laughing. Seriously, every time I look at it I want to cry-laugh. You know the kind of laugh you do because it's better to laugh than cry. It totally reminds me of my first year as a mother, when I realized that pulling an "all-nighter" had a horrifyingly new meaning when you became a parent.

Just look at her! You know by this point she isn't in her bed but in yours, you have lost half your will to fight and the real bombshell... SHE IS WIDE AWAKE. Admit it, now you want to laugh-cry at your own memories of your own little monsters.

If you're a parent and need a good laugh, get it. If you're a parent of young children and a still fresh in the trenches of the toddler years it is a must-have, there is hope and you will survive. You will not come out of the toddler years unscathed and the term battle wounds will bring on a whole new meaning!

Best advice ever: If you can't beat them, join them!


  1. How funny. I didn't know there was a G rated version.

    1. Juju, I prefer the original version myself. :) But this one is so cute too!

    2. If they had used any other cuss work besides the Fbomb I would have liked the original better. :)


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