Book Review: Faithful (Fearsome #3) by S.A. Wolfe

A bombshell waitress who wants more. A former FBI agent who wants less … except for her.

*This is a standalone novel in the FEARSOME Series.

Imogene Walsh has always been unapologetically confident and ruthlessly opinionated with people, particularly men. No one is spared from her unfiltered mouth, but it hasn’t seemed to deter Cooper MacKenzie. Although he is not the clean-cut, businessman type she’s always thought she should pursue, Imogene is drawn to the sexy outsider who is the hottest topic in town gossip, the fantasy heartthrob women love to speculate about.

She has spent most of her life in the little town of Hera, NY, putting her numerous forgettable relationships behind her and floundering in both her professional and personal life. Work and men—neither have gone well for her. Now it’s reached the point where she wants to stop playing it safe.

It may be time to live up to her tough reputation and take a chance on Cooper, the only man who isn’t intimidated by Imogene’s brash personality. However, it could be a thrilling ride that doesn't end well.

Release Date: October 23, 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Source: NetGalley
Reviewed By: Kelli


Faithful was my favorite book in S.A. Wolfe's Fearsome series.  These books are stand-alone novels, but if you read them out of order, you'll know who ends up with whom.  So, I'd recommend reading the series in order.

I liked Faithful so much because I loved Imogene.  Her voice, her perspective on life, was honest and refreshing.  She wasn't a typical female lead character and I liked that about her.  Imogene knows what she wants and won't settle for less.  She's in charge of herself, her life, and her sexuality.  Imogene makes no apologies for being the person she is, and to the world is kind of "here I am, take me or leave me, I don't care either way."  I like that kind of spunk in a character!

Cooper was a likable character as well.  He wasn't quite the typical male lead character either.  The relationship between Cooper and Imogene was a fairly slow build, and quite steamy once it heated up.  Wolfe's books are like that, and in my opinion, are more adult than new adult.

I loved seeing the characters from books one and two living out their happily ever afters.  There was an emphasis on friendship and the group hung out a lot, so there were plenty of chances to see my favorite characters from previous books.

The conflict resolution was sweet and and realistic.  I liked it.  I enjoyed Faithful and would definitely read S.A. Wolfe again.  

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