Book Review: An Immortal Descent (Goddess Born #3) by Kari Edgren

Selah Kilbrid, descendant of the Celtic goddess Brigid, has been ordered to remain in London and leave any dangers in Ireland to her goddess-born family. They fear she's no match for Death's most powerful daughter and—if the legend holds true—the witch who once nearly destroyed the Irish people. But Selah has never been good at following orders, and nothing will stop her from setting out to find the two people she loves most—her dearest friend, Nora Goodwin, and her betrothed, Lord Henry Fitzalan.

Hiding from kin, traveling uneasily beside companions with secrets of their own, Selah is forced on an unexpected path by those who would steal her gift of healing. With precious time ticking away, she turns to a mortal enemy for help, heedless of the cost.

Selah would pass though hell to rescue Nora and Henry, but what if it means unleashing a greater evil on the human world? Her only chance is to claim the fullest extent of her birthright—at the risk of being forever separated from the man she longs to marry.


Release Date: July 6, 2015
Age Group: Adult
Source: Review copy from publisher
Reviewed By: Kelli


Kari Edgren's Goddess Born series is an absolute favorite of mine.  I love historical fiction, and this series is a perfect blend of clean romance with paranormal and mythological elements as well.  All of these elements come together to make an awesome story, and Edgren's world is one I don't want to leave.

The Goddess Born series started out strong with Goddess Born (read my review here), and the second installment, A Grave Inheritance, was even better (my review is here).  I felt sure that An Immortal Descent would be just as good as its predecessors, but I did wonder how Edgren would top the first two books.  But top them she did: An Immortal Descent was my favorite book in the series.  

Once I started An Immortal Descent, I knew I was going to be ignoring my family until I finished the book.  The story starts off with lots of action and the pace didn't let up.  I loved that there was so much going on with the plot.  And Edgren threw some unexpected plot twists in that really took me by surprise.  

Once again, Selah is our narrator.  I enjoy that the series is told from her perspective, as it makes me feel even more invested in her story.  I admire Selah, and my respect for her grew throughout the story.  She's brave, has gumption, and does not need a man to save her.  Selah is not afraid to speak her mind and can hold her own in a fight.  She's a great main character and I loved watching her grow throughout the series.  I felt like she did the most growing in An Immortal Descent.  

Henry is an interesting and nuanced character in his own right, but I find it hard to get past how perfect he is for Selah.  He's definitely sigh-worthy.  I love Henry and Selah's perfectly written love story.  This series is a clean romance, and while some readers may not like that, I love it.  Selah knows she is saving herself for marriage, which fits with the historical aspect of the story.  And so it follows that she and Henry have passion but have to rein it in before it goes too far, so to speak. To me, the emotions mean more when the relationship between two characters is not just about what's going on in the bedroom.  I like having a series that I feel like I can share with my mom or freely recommend to teens because the author has kept the romance clean.

There is so much to love about An Immortal Descent.  I feel like I could keep gushing over it forever, but I'll stop now and just highly encourage you to read it!  I loved the story, characters, pacing, and writing style.  I can't wait to see what Kari Edgren comes up with next!


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