Favorite Bedtime Stories

We are celebrating National Book Lover's Day this year with Casper, a sleep startup that launched last year with one perfect mattress.  Check out their website here.  

The folks at Casper know that bedtime is the best time (can I get an Amen from fellow parents?!) and they even have a hotline that reads bedtime stories to you if you can't sleep.  Casper also has a neat blog called Pillow Talk (visit it here). Be sure to check out Casper Mattress on Twitter as well!

To continue on the bedtime theme, I wanted to share my favorite bedtime stories for my daughter, Kaitlyn.  In no particular order, here they are!

On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman 

Really, anything by Nancy Tillman is great for bedtime, but On the Night You Were Born is my favorite Tillman story.  

I love the gentle cadence and the meaning behind the story.  And I challenge any parent to read this book without tearing up.  Even though I have the words memorized, the story still gets me every time.

I love to give this book to expectant mothers and also for young children's birthdays. 

A Night Night Prayer by Amy Parker

I love this book, along with Night Night Blessings.  I really enjoy all of Amy Parker's books, and they are a favorite of Kaitlyn's too.  

The stories are soft, sweet, and soothing.  I love the illustrations and the heartfelt prayers.  Kaitlyn and I both have this book memorized. 

Peter Rabbit Sleepy Time by Beatrix Potter

This lift-the-flap book is probably Kaitlyn's favorite.  We've read it so many times that the flaps are coming apart.  She loved this book from age 2-3, although she still likes it.  

The illustrations are done in soft pastels and the entire book is focused on everyone in Peter Rabbit's world going to bed.

All Kinds of Kisses by Nancy Tafuri

This book was given to Kaitlyn on her second birthday.  She and I both love it.  I love Nancy Tafuri's work and All Kinds of Kisses is my favorite.  

The animals on the farm are getting kisses from their mommies: "Little cow likes moo kisses", but the best kiss of all is a goodnight kiss.  We both love this book and the hardcover edition is a reading staple in our house, bedtime or not.  

What are your favorite bedtime stories?

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  1. These are so sweet. I will be looking up Night Night Prayer and Blessing. Valentina's currently loving Little Angels Prayers for Every Day.


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