A Holiday Break

I've been posting less lately, and that's for a good reason: my husband and I are custom building a house, and it's been an incredibly exciting and busy time for me.  I've been in charge of all of the selections and I'm helping our builder with the design.  My husband is in charge of making the money to pay for it all.  :)  

With that said, I haven't had much time at all to read and review.  This makes me very sad, but I know that this season of my life is temporary.  Thus, I will enjoy the last few weeks of our dream house being built, and try not feel guilty about the temporary shift in my priorities.  

We plan to move in January, pending our house being complete, of course, so I plan to get back to my reading then.  I'm still reading and reviewing here and there but it's very sporadic.  

All this to say, you're going to see fewer posts here, more spread out, and if you're emailing me, I may not reply.  Or if I do reply, it will most likely take days to weeks.  That's not an intentional slight, it's just the simple fact that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do it all.  And my inbox is one of the first things that I let slide when I get busy like this.   

Thank you, readers and fellow bloggers, for hanging in there with us.  I'd So Rather Be Reading is 5 1/2 years strong and we plan to stay around for much longer.  

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't post again before then, and thank you, as always, for supporting I'd So Rather Be Reading!



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    1. Thank you! It feels good to formally declare my break and be able to step back for a little bit. It actually makes me want to read the books on my TBR list since there's less pressure!

  2. Sounds exciting. And I can see how it can take all your spare time. Best of luck. I hope it all turns out awwesome.


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