Incomplete & Complete by Lindy Zart & Wendi Stitzer

Incomplete Summary: 
There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:

1. His existence was a mistake.

2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.
3. He loves her anyway.

Release Date: September 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Source: Kindle
Reviewed By: Nat

Review: Listen, the main character is pretty much Adam Levine plus his black frame glasses. #enoughsaid 

If you are not motivated by the eye candy above, bless your little heart. I was hooked right from the beginning for several reasons (yes, before I realized I was reading about fictional Adam):
  1. Right away I knew I would like the alternating POV of Lily and Grayson. 
  2. The story quickly moved from high school and into the New Adult setting. 
  3. Right when you think you know what is going to happen, either Lily or Grayson screw it up. I wasn't sure if it was going to end HEA or in utter heartbreak. I was actually pretty worried that this series was going to end like a freaking Tarryn Fisher book! #nobueno #tarrynhasnoheartbutweloveheranyway
  4. I liked that Lily and Grayson were both tortured souls but for very different reasons.
  5. And finally, THE PLOT TWIST that comes in book 2: Complete

Complete Summary:
If the truth sets one free, why does Lily Jacobs feel so trapped?

She's learned doing the right thing isn't always best and now she is living the consequences of her greatest sacrifice. Every day since Grayson Lee left is one she wishes he hadn't. Years have gone by since their friendship turned to more and then was eradicated by Lily alone; enough time for their young love to fade. Only it hasn't, not for Lily.

Now he is back and seeing him is devastating to her at the same time it is rapture. She tries to accept that they cannot be together, but everything inside her shouts that they should be; that they only fit with each other. And so she has to accept the greatest truth of all: She loves him still. She loves him enough not to let him go this time.

Release Date: March 2014
Age Group: New Adult
Source: Kindle
Reviewed By: Nat

Just read Incomplete. You will have no choice but to read Complete. #hooklineandsinker

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*book image sources: goodreads

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