Book to Movie Review: Goosebumps

In our house, a Goosebumps book is considered a bedtime story. Yes, ghouls, shrunken heads and demented puppets soothe my little monsters into dreamland. Odd, yes but we have never claimed to be normal.
When I heard Goosebumps was being turned into a movie starring Jack Black and would incorporate a lot of the characters from the books, I began planning. 
  1. Kids would get out early to see the first show.
  2. We would have to discuss all the characters that they might see in the movie and speculate every detail.
  3. We would need to watch Nacho Libre for a solid week (which we already do routinely thanks to my 4 year old) to get the JBlack mojo flowing.
Prior to our cinematic adventure with 6 kids, I had already made the decision that I would buy the movie. Period. Why? Because if you don't support book adaptations that you LOVE Hollywood will stop making them. #cantstopwontstop

I buy them all, even if they are terrible. Yea, I bought Vampire Academy & The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Terrible adaptations but FANTASTIC series. We all have our issues standards. 

Well Goosebumps is here! And if you haven't watched it, you should. For all RL Stine fans it is a must. I got #thefeels because I remembered reading some of those books back in the 90's and now my kids are enjoying the same twisted humor! I know, mom of the year. #winning

PS I was serious about my kid and his obsession with Nachoooo! #evidence

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