Beauty & The Beast #SHOWHOLE

Beauty & The Beast KILLS ME with its prolonged breaks! It was just announced that season 4 will be the final season and I already know a #showhole is eminent. I have LOVED this series but hated the whole summer series approach that the CW took with this one. 

A summer series translates to torture --> it's a TV series that strings you along all summer and then breaks for most of the year! #blah

For those that haven't started this series, I envy you. You will get the pleasure of binge watching all of them without the #breaktorture. For those that are in my boat and are eager for the series to return and {sniff} conclude, I already have our book line-up ready and it's Alex Flinn to the rescue!

Flinn has a way of really twisting fairy tales and it fits the same kind of world building from Beauty & the Beast. Plus, if you haven't read Beastly, that's just wrong. The movie was cool but the book was the bomb dot com.

If you have #showhole suggestions PLEASE comment, I aim to please and help those in need. #igotyourback

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