Book Review: Hooray for Kids! by Suzanne Lang & Max Lang

Every kid is a one-of-a-kind kid!
Suzanne and Max Lang (Families, Families, Families!) bring us another joyful ode to diversity in this zippy rhyming celebration of kids of all stripes. Whether you’re a play-a-lot-of-ball kid, a hang-out-at-the-mall kid, a bake-delicious-pie kid, or an always-asking-why kid . . . when you read this book, you’ll be a laughing-till-you-cry kid! Children can find themselves in the hilarious menagerie and recognize their friends and classmates. The subtle anti-bullying message will make this a welcome addition to classroom libraries.

Release Date: March 2016
Age Group: Young Readers
Source: Publisher
Reviewed By: Nat & The Boys

I was really excited to read Hooray for Kids! to the boys because they are total one-of-a-kind-kids! For example, #hurricane is very bright and asks about 74,529 questions each day and can be identified as an asks-a-lot-of-questions-kid in the book. He thought it was pretty cool that the book identified a kid like him and then asked "mom, there are other kids like me?!" with a sly grin.  My reply:

Yes wild man, there are other moms out there that fight the good fight. Every.Day.All.Day.
Yes there are other handsome little devils out there just like you.  

{Just} yes. Yes there are. Next question...

It was entertaining to read through the ryhming-text and listen to my boys trying to decide who they knew that was that kind of kid being described. The unique colorforms mixed with photographs was immediate eye candy for both myself and the boys (especially the monkey kids-- super #GROSS but super funny & TRUE). It's nice when the illustrations are enjoyable for both the parent and the child and Lang hit the mark.

Overall, this is one of the coolest young reader's I've gotten in a while! With Scholastic's partnership with We Need Diverse Books, this is one that could easily be added to that list.

"Featuring award-winning titles, beloved classics, and new releases, these special edition Scholastic Reading Club flyers will reach millions of students during the 2016-17 school year. The collection will showcase a wide variety of titles representing many types of diversity, including race and ethnicity, religion, LGBTQ, disabled characters, and more." 

"Together, we’ll be able to broaden the breadth and scope of the books we’re putting into the hands of children, presenting them with both the necessary windows and mirrors through which they explore the world." -- Dhonielle Clayton, COO and Sr VP of Librarian Services for We Need Diverse Books 

Hooray for Kids! is simply a fantastic celebration of diversity as seen through the eyes of kids and is both creative and fun!

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