Cit Chat: Book Turn-Offs

Book Turn-offs

Just for laughs and giggles, we decided to list our favorite book turn-offs. 

  • Love at first sight
  • A poor editing job: poor grammar, misspelled words, inappropriate use of punctuation
  • Poorly concealed plot devices 
  • When medical related references are either dead wrong or just not plausable <--- Really buggy! Enough to make us quit the book.
  • So tired of the typical love triangle
  • Wrapping up an entire story arch in 2 pages *cough* #mockingjay.
  • When the leading guy is a wuss.
  • When facts are wrong.
  • When a story is so closely identical to another hit series.
  • The odd spelling to character names. You know, when you say the name allowed thinking the whole time that you have been pronouncing it right in your mind, only to find out you were way-off. #palmtohead

What are your turn-offs?


  1. When the characters jump into bed and red hot sex ensues and they have just met - and - it's a Regency novel. Dear God! That crap did not happen during that time period unless some guy is visiting a brothel. Tame it down, authors!

  2. Totally agree Connie!

  3. I hate a book that glamorizes weak women characters.


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