Book Review: Unbound by Neal Shusterman

In the New York Times bestselling Unwind Dystology—Unwind, UnWholly, UnSouled, and UnDivided—Neal Shusterman thrilled readers with the story of a society that deals with its out-of-control teens by “unwinding” them—transplanting more than 99% of their bodies into other people.

In the latest installment of this sequence, Shusterman—along with collaborators Terry Black, Michelle Knowlden, Brendan Shusterman, and Jarrod Shusterman—explores even more aspects of a world that has accepted the unacceptable. These short stories examine the world of unwinding in a way we haven’t seen before, providing a fresh framework, new characters, and a different take on some events.

Release Date: December 2015
Age Group: Source: Purchased
Reviewed By: Nat

What can I say, Shusterman is brilliantly twisted and now he has found collaborators who are just as clever! If you are a fan of the Unwind series then this read is really a no brainer. If you are new to the Unwind world, lets pump the breaks and redirect you to the first 4 books and then you can come back to this one and really appreciate it. Anything related to this series is an "auto-buy" for Ms. Leger, Evan and myself... it's that good.

Simply put, we just can't get enough! I still think about this story often, especially after watching the nightly news or reading my news feed because it could totally happen! It's a unique dystopian in that it is plausible and based on human fear and judgment.

Unbound updates us on some of the characters that we grew attached too and also introduces new characters and events. The world Shusterman created is so vast that it is really limitless. There could easily be an entire series in this world that is completely separate from the dystology (UnwindUnWholly, {Unstrung}, UnSouled, and UnDivided). 

Mr. Shusterman we want more and more and more... you get the idea.

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