Reading Interrupted #Rio2016

I have been pretty much glued to my TV since the Olympics in Rio started. I mean, the first injury I saw was freaking crazy. And then I started to really LOOK at the athletes and holy cow, these are some of the best looking Olympians I've ever seen! #helloswimming

French Gymnast, Samir Ait Said

I knew I had to put the books down and be a devoted Olympian Watcher because lets face it, when you watch the gymnastics you want to attempt a handstand. {Don't lie, you know you have}. But when you watch Simone Biles you are proud to be a TEXAN! That's right, everything is better in Texas. Plus, she has good taste. #zacefron #nuffsaid

After watching Michael Phelps make history and witnessed that only lightening might be able to beat Usain Bolt, I am now reading to get back to a good book bender.

aka Professional Olympic Watcher

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