2017 Goals: #SoRatherRead

  • Read more twisted fairy tales.

  • Watch all Jane Austen Adaptations. Bring it BBC. 
  • Read 35 books that are not classified as Children's Lit. or Middle Grade {#momprobs}  while providing 35 crock-pot dinners.
  • FINALLY complete the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontze! This is one of my top 3 of all times and I've been waiting since 2005. I tried to forget you Oddy but I just couldn't! I plan to take a weekend and BINGE from the beginning to the end. #yass
  • Read at least 5 Goosebumps to the boys followed by either a Goosebumps movie or a Haunting Hour. Decisions, decisions. 
  • Halloween costume must be book inspired. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this effort. 
  • Successfully complete the following TV series: 
    • Downton Abby
    • Gilmore Girls (I know, I'm late to the Party)
    • The Vampire Diaries (can I get an #AMEN )
    • Pretty Little Liars

  • Choose 4 more {complete} TV series to be addicted too for binge purposes. Suggestions??

Major life goals still remain the same:  
  1. RL Stine will tweet me
  2. One of my children will be cast in a Goosebumps or Haunting Hour. They make great monsters Stine, really, they've been warped since birth.
 #TVD #GilmoreGirls #OddThomas @RLStine #PLL #soratherread #goals #2K17

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