Book Review: The Little Shop of Monsters by RL Stine & Marc Brown

2016 Children's Choice Book Award Winner -- Kindergarten-2nd Grade Book of the Year

Summary: A frighteningly fun picture book adventure from two monstrously talented children's book icons--Marc Brown and R.L. Stine!

Are you are afraid of monsters?
Do they make you shiver and shake and shut your eyes really tight at night?

Welcome to the Little Shop of Monsters! Do you want a SNEEZER? A TICKLER? Or one of the CREEPIEST monsters of all? Come on in and choose your favorite, if you dare (before one of them chooses YOU!).

Renowned children's book creators Marc Brown and R.L. Stine join forces for the very first time-in Stine's picture book debut-with a tale that is monstrously good fun.

Release Date: August 2015
Age Group: Childrens, Picture books, All-Mankind (it's Stine)
Source: Purchased at Scholastic Book Fair
Reviewed By: Nat & The Boys

This little gem slipped by and I didn't spot it until I was spending my life's savings at my boys school book fair. Really, this book needs no review, it should be an auto-buy. But for those with little appreciation for twisted humor, here we go.

It is a well known fact that I buy all things RL Stine. If he sold gum, I'd have it as an auto-ship item in my Amazon cart. Yea, I'm like that. I'm a sheep, I'm a freaking Stine sheep.

Immediately the title made me think of the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors. Admit it, you just said "Feed me Seymour, FEED ME" *in the plant-eater voice. It's okay, I did too.

Upon further inspection I was kind of shocked to see that Stine had teamed up with Marc Brown, the creator of the Arthur series. I am well versed in all things Arthur because it is a common series that I use when creating different health lessons for young children. But the two have totally different feels. I wondered how creepy was going to mesh with do-good-er.
It was EPIC!

It was the perfect mix of giggles, fear, gagging fun all while trying to find the courage to turn the page. I read it aloud in my best creeper voice and didn't have to build up the anticipation because the text delivered! The text is interactive, full of rhymes and little snarky side comments like "I hope I'm wrong" and "that would be sad". You know, sad that your neighbor might have just been eaten!  

My eight year old thought it was great that his little brother was hiding his face and yelling "just turn the page, I'm scared" while they both laughed in fear and excitement. 

There were literally pages that made me want to gag. It was great! We made noises, discussed the pros and cons of the different monsters and determined how much we would be willing to spend on a Monster.  

This book is ideal for children between the ages of 4 to 8. It is different, interactive and just plain fun. We all need a little excitement! Grab it for your Little Monsters or buy it as a fun gift, you can't go wrong! 

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