Movie Review: Power Rangers

Power Rangers have been a TV icon for the last 20 years and oh man was my inner 90's child busting at the seems to Power Rangers!

No, I didn't have Power Ranger toys or a crush on the Red Ranger back in the 90's; but I did have two younger brothers who watched The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. during my teenage years. Naturally, I became a connoisseur by default.

I took our Mob to see the reboot of the Power Rangers opening weekend and the smallest monster had his pockets full of his little figures... I didn't even realize he had PR toys, why? Because PR's are just a flipping staple for little boys! {I later found out that he had an actual Zord stashed under his bed too.}

Every single one of us LOVED the movie! Sweet Stuff and I thought that they did a great job of making the new PR's relatable and flawed. They totally had the Breakfast Club vibe going on and it was great that all the Rangers were fresh faces too.

I loved that the Blue Ranger had Autism (high functioning or on "the spectrum"), hats off to this film for making a sweet attempt to shine light in that direction. Billy was actually the favorite for our family. My mob loved his dry wit and the older two immediately picked up that "his mind was different" just like two of their cousins. 

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't crazy that they made the Yellow Ranger a lesbian. Not because I don't love lesbians or I am not for equal opportunity or blah blah blah... I didn't care for it because it just didn't feel like it fit the original Yellow Ranger. It felt more like it was added in to just check off another social agenda, I guess it just wasn't natural. But hey, you can love it or hate it or just not care and this movie is still #savage as the mob would say.

The Villain: Rita Repulsa

What CAN'T Elizabeth Banks do?! I mean seriously! 

Hands down, there isn't any role that Elizabeth Banks takes on that she just doesn't kill it! I was so creep'ed out by Rita, she was freaking scary. I loved the story line of the fallen Green Ranger and it leads to the obvious questions, who will be the Green Ranger?! 

The mob had one question when it was over, WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE?! 

Still not convinced? Watch the trailer!

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