#WORDWEDNESDAY with Our Favorite Nocturnals

One of our favorite MG series is The Nocturnals by Tracey Hecht. This is a series that introduces uncommon animals, unpredictable mystery all while growing your vocabulary. I'll admit it right now, meshuggina was a new word for me. Kids these days just say you're cray-cray {yes our youth have fallen short in their vocabulary efforts}. Middle schooler's love this series and Ms. Leger has passed these around so much that the covers look like they have gone to war!

The Nocturnals website {HERE} is so interactive and fun but what we love even more is their #WORDWEDNESDAY meme on Twitter.

How cute are these!

There is a word, the definition followed by a sentence using the word. The artwork always perfectly depicts the word taught. These images are perfect for both ELA teachers and homeschool curriculum. 

So scurry on over to Twitter and Learn a Word or two. 

And be sure and add The Nocturnals to your TBR list!


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