Movie Review: 47 Meters Down

I only have two great fears in life. One, I am afraid of heights, like my throat starts to close off and I just want to pee. I know, totally weird response. My second greatest fear is the deep ocean but is so much more detailed.

I love to travel and I have a traveling tribe but we have never taken a cruise. Why? Because I know there is a giant octopus waiting in the deep, beautiful ocean waiting to EAT ME. But here is the real kicker, I love SHARK WEEK on the discovery channel. We have shirts & blankets for it. I.Watch.It.All. I'm beginning to  think I have a very disturbed sense of fear.

Just recently I have gotten the courage to consider a cruise but then I decided to go the movies last night...

I'll tell you how you survive, YOU DON'T CLIMB INTO THE CAGE! I thought Jaws was scary back in the day but 47 Meters Down kept my heart rate at a beat that would be classified at a level of Vigorous-Intense activity, basically my heart freaking ran a marathon for the duration of the movie.

Would I recommend 47 Meters Down?  

Abso-freaking-lutely! I brought 3 of the monsters to see it. I had two in my bed last night afraid of, you guessed it, SHARKS! I bet I never have to worry about any of them asking to go on a cruise again. :) #suckers

The way I see it, 47 Meters Down counts for at least an hour of physical activity for the day. The heart can't lie.

I see you Mandy Moore, I.SEE.YOU
Side note: We have a pond. We will now have an unused, probably shark infested, pond. The End.

image sources: & Mandy Moore Instagram

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