Vlog Review: Freckleface Strawberry and the Really Big Voice by Julianne Moore

Strawberry Freckle Face & the Really Big Singing Voice
Academy Award–winning actress and New York Times bestselling author Julianne Moore brings us more adventures from Freckleface Strawberry!

Freckleface Strawberry’s very best friend, Windy Pants Patrick, has a BIG problem. His outside voice doesn’t seem to fit inside of school. From the lunchroom to the classroom, he’s just TOO LOUD! Is there anyplace in school where his big voice can fit? Parents, teachers, and librarians alike will love this light-hearted way to talk to children about when to your their INSIDE voices and when to use their OUTSIDE voices. And young readers will take comfort in knowing that what makes each kid different is also what makes them shine.

Find activities and other fun stuff at FrecklefaceStrawberry.com!

We are pretty sure that Freckle Face Strawberry has a striking resemblance to our very own Macy Kate and she was pretty darn excited to review a book by Julianne Moore, aka Fellow Red. We are told that Red's have a special bond, maybe even a super power. 

You just might be surprised at Macy Kate's favorite character! Enjoy!

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