Spooky Family Friendly Movies

Here are 13 Must Watch Spooky Movies that are Family Friendly! They are in no particular order because blogger hates me but my absolute favorite is Hocus Pocus

When Good Ghouls Go Bad {Family; 2001}

ParaNorman {PG ;2012}

Scared Stupid {PG; 1991}
Hocus Pocus {PG; 1990}
Casper {PG; 1995}
The Halloween Tree {Family; 1993}
Goosebumps {PG; 2015}
Twitches {PG; 2005}
Frankenweenie {PG; 2012}
HalloweenTown {Family; 1998}
{There are 4 in the series]
Girl vs. Monster {Family; 2012}

The Witches {PG; 1990}
Willow {PG; 1988}

And if your family has been neglected and never experienced the original thrill that is none other than Michael Jackson's Thriller, please rectify this wrong. Turn up the speakers, dim the lights and correct your family flaw. This is a right of passage to life in general really.

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