Book Spotlight: Winnie the Witch series by Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul

I've loved Winnie the Witch since 1987 when she made her first debut! She was a quirky, clumsy witch that always seemed to get into a pickle, kind of like Amelia Bedelia but with a wand and a cool cat! 

Wilbur, her black cat, always seems to be right in the middle of whatever adventure Winnie has cooked up and most of the time it's to his dismay. I love that cat.

I've kept Winnie around since my childhood and I am thrilled to report that my kids love her too. We always read the original and have started adding more to our collection each year. Winnie the Witch can be read year round because her adventures are similar to how The Magic School Bus series runs, with each book discussing a specific theme (planets, the sea, pirates, birthdays, dinosaurs, etc.). There are even sing-along's & audiobooks available for pre-school age children. There is even a play that's been adapted based on the original Winnie book.

If you want more than a picture book, no worries, Winnie also has a series of chapter books too.

Note to Teachers: There are several free resources on Winnie's website <HERE> that are specific to each book, plus lots of other fun activities that are Winnie & Wilbur inspired. My favorite activity is How to Dress up as Winnie! <HERE> If you're feeling really witchy, there is a complete party pack available to download! How cool is that! <HERE>

Bottom line: I love Winnie. I love Wilbur. You should hop on the broom, you won't regret it.

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