Dick and Jane and Vampires

When I was learning to read, I remember reading the Dick & Jane books. There weren't all the cool easy readers like today.

There was Dick, Jane & Spot the dog, later came Sally the little sister.
See Spot.
       See Spot run.
                 Look Sally.
                       Look at Spot run.

I'm surprised we didn't all name our kids Sally & Dick.

When my oldest monster was learning to read my mom found this gem! Dick and Jane and Vampires

My moral compass was set. Literacy plus a vampire, no brainer.
This book is actually a collection of several beginner readers and divided into three categories:
  • Look & Find
  • Run & Hide
  • Work & Play
Work and Play is easily my favorite section because it is so bizarre & awesome to see Dick with garlic wrapped around his neck and pages later see Dracula playing house with Sally!

I'm pretty sure kids these days don't even know what playing house means...

Anyhoo, every family should have a copy of Dick and Jane and Vampires. It will serve as nostalgia for parents and bring a little humor to the nail biting time of teaching young kids to start piecing together sentences... what a time it is...

Ahhh. I was never cut out to teach elementary kids, hats off to all the first grade teachers who fight in the trenches and make sure my kids are literate. You're thebomb.com


  1. I also learned to read with the Dick and Jane stories--Fun With Dick and Jane is one I remember.
    Dick and Jane and Vampires is an eye-catcher.

    1. Yes it is! It was the only way I could get mine to sit down and give Jane a chance, I mean everyone needs to suffer through trying to read the simple sentences "See Spot. See Spot run."


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