Scary Book Review: Bony Legs by Joanna Cole

When a terrible witch vows to eat her for supper, a little girl escapes with the help of a mirror and comb given to her by the witch's cat and dog.

Release Date: 1983 (before smart phones)
Age Group: Childrens, Picture Book
Source: A relic that I still own
Reviewed By: Nat

Bony-Legs was one of my classic reads from childhood. It was creepy, had a nasty old witch and a happy ending. Just how I like it, a little scary but in the end I have a smile on my face.

As a parent I still love this book! Bony-Legs is a picture book with a good plot. It teaches the reward of kindness even in the most unlikely of circumstances and the concept of trust via a persons actions-- we do not trust the witch but we trust the kind girl. There is humor mixed in the text and I think this book is best read as a read-a-loud to pre-K to kindergarten age children.

Bony-Legs is an oldy but still a goody! In fact it is such a good one that finding a copy is going to cost you a pretty penny! I found a first edition on Amazon for $134! That alone should tell you it is special. 


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