Whitey Tighties & a Cape

The Mob loves the Captain Underpants series, so when it came to theaters we were front row. It was unanimous that we buy it as soon as it was released.

When it hit the stores I snagged our usual Blu-Ray copy and headed for the register. Little did I know what treasure was hidden in the HERO EDITION...
... okay, if I had read the cover I would have known but I didn't... Don't kill my vibe.

The Cape. 
THAT CAPE has brought tears to so many eyes. Oh the tears of pure laughter, what a treat! Truly a treat for me.         
This had to be the easiest character costume I have ever thrown together but it does take a special child to execute it. ***Drumroll for #tomtom.

This is one of those memories where two things are bound to happen:
  1. We laugh at these pictures at this child's wedding OR
  2. He tells his therapist about how damaged he was from this moment
                                                       ... but for now we laugh!

Just one more for laughs & giggles. You're welcome.
I'll hit you up for the therapy bill in about ten years.


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