You've Been BOO'ed!

We have a tradition in our family that begins October 1st and involves sneaking around, banging on doors and running. We BOO people and we have really great stories to tell. 

Each year we sit around as a family and make a list of the families we want to BOO. Each kid chooses 5 people and then I add to it... we Boo a lot. 

But seriously, I'd rather my kids sneaking around causing mayhem with me waiting in an idling car. #parentingwin

I put together a simple Boo kit to share. You can make these as simple or as elaborate as you want, either way, people just like to know someone is thinking about them. 

Enjoy & run fast kids!!!

Click & save image. Open and print on plain or colored paper.

Print big (8.5x11)! I like to print this on white cardstock, it hold up better when being tossed between kids & doorsteps.
You want people to be able to see it in the window.

Here are a few we did last weekend:

The first one was a tin filled with brownies & an attached ghost balloon, with the papers attached to the balloon. {I used a whole punch & attached the balloon string to the instructions & ghost.}

Another we filled with easy reader books and used caution tape as the tie.

We went old school on this one and filled a bucket with loads of candy & set a light-up ghost right on top.

  • Halloween bucket: Wal-Mart 98 cents
  • Ghost balloons: pack of 5 for $1 @ Dollar Tree
  • Caution tape & light-up ghost: Dollar Tree
  • Brownie batch: straight from the box (ain't nobody got time for scratch)
  • Helium: I had a small helium tank left over from a party so I used that to fill the balloons. I buy them at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby (with a coupon) and they last for several holiday activities.
  • Books: I always stock up on all the dollar books from school book order forms & any that I find at the school book fairs.

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