Series Review: Hotbloods 1-4 (Hotbloods, Coldbloods, Renegades, Venturers) by Bella Forrest

Summary: One last adventure. That's all Riley wants before heading off to college and parting ways with her two best friends. Spending their last summer together on a Texas farm in the middle of nowhere isn't quite as exciting as they'd planned...

That is, until they stumble upon secrets no human should know.

Men who appear and disappear.

A giant wing hidden in the creek.

Screams in the dead of night.

Every oddity seems connected to their strange--and alarmingly attractive--new neighbors, led by the stormy-eyed Navan. For reasons she can't explain, Riley feels drawn to him and the story of his past.

But Navan has a monstrous side, one that grants him incredible powers that are not of this world...and ashen skin that feels like fire to the touch.

When events take a dangerous twist, Riley is determined to protect her friends at all costs, but as she unravels each thread of the mystery, she finds herself entangled in a supernatural conquest that is far bigger than Texas... and even Earth itself.

A mystery.
A romance.
And a journey that could change the fate of the human race.

Prepare for a unique spin on the lore you love - and an adventure that is as thrilling as it is unexpected. 

Release Date: November 2017
Age Group:  YA, Paranormal
Source: KindleUnlimited
Reviewed By: Nat

I am a devout Bella Forrest fan. Her series are the kind that keep on giving... like a lot... as in 50 books for A Shade of Vampire series... Yes, I've read 

I had to download a series reading order off of Kindle just to keep me straight! These are the books that are my "go-to fillers" between review books. They are easy, quick and I can't guess the plot. #winning

Today, I realized I've never reviewed a single one! Why?!

Because I typically review series when they finish and guess what? THESE DON'T END! Which is a big part of their magic.🎶🎶>insert magical fairy music<🎶🎶

I really enjoy the writing style of Forrest and how she has no problem wrapping up one group of characters and heading down a completely unexpected path with a new, related cast. I like the familiarity of the worlds and how easily I can jump back in at anytime.

So, when I saw that she had a new paranormal series out I drank the KoolAid!

The Hotbloods series may be about vampires but I assure you they are unlike any you have ever encountered (and VERY different from A Shade of Vampire). The world is vicious, galactic and unpredictable. And it takes the idea of a Wicked Queen to a whole new level.

I'm not going to try to describe the twists and turns of each book, it's a waste of reading time. As a matter of fact, you are wasting time now. Go. Shew. Vamos Amigo!

If you are interested in A Shade of Vampire series, HERE is a review of book #1

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