Hi my name is Natalie but my friends call me Nat. If you are reading this then I'll assume you're a book nerd like me and therefore an instant friend, so call me Nat. I created ISRBR in 2010 on a whim. One night (about 3am because that's when you get the best ideas) I found this awesome website, Goodreads, and discovered that a few people were blogging about books and I thought, "hey, they want to be my friends". So I decided I would build a blog and take over the world. I lowered my standards and just decided to start a blog. I didn't have a name, only an idea. So I went to work the next morning bright-eyed and bushy tailed and plead my case to my friend, outlining this great new idea. There were two problems: 
  1. I needed a name.
  2. I didn't want to be the actual reviewer, I just wanted to build it and join the party.
We came up with a name that day and I convinced my friend, Kelli, to review books while I started creating the site. {I should mention that I had never "built" a website before, that came after many late night bright ideas.} And the rest is history, welcome to I'd So Rather Be Reading!  

I love to read YA dystopian & paranormal and contemporary New Adult. I also read a healthy amount of children's books and middle grade. I'm a mom.

QUICK FACTS: I am the mother of 3 spitfires that rule most of my time. I’ve been a university instructor for the last 10 years and I am a dietitian-nutritionist in my spare time. #insertdiabolicallaugh  

I'm the kid that ALWAYS got excessive talking on her report card. I never meet a stranger – it’s a curse. I like to stay busy, like the borderline neurotic kind of busy.  I always choose the color PINK. I have referred to my husband as Sweet Stuff since our second date and I still think he’s super-hot. 

The only New Year’s Resolution I have ever kept was from when I was 17 and pledged to never watch another rated R movie - and I haven’t. I am a #hashtag #lover #idoitalot #sometimestoomuch #sorrynotsorry  

SIDE NOTE: You might notice The Nat on images. I like to add them here and there as my mark. One of my favorite books to read my kids at Christmas is Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner. It's so fun and entertaining and we love to look for all the little hidden pictures as we read, plus it keeps the wiggly kids still because they are focused. Again, late one night, I was working on my nutrition blog {Nutrition with Nat} and thought "HEY! I can hide these suckers on anything I publish". So I decided to hide Little Nat's throughout posts. Why? Because I'm weird, I thought it would be fun and it reminded me of that Christmas book!
Sometimes I get a lot of book requests at one time or I get books that sound fantastic but might not be in the genre that I love. I hate to discriminate any novel and try my hardest to give a review by the best audience in the event it doesn't meet my fancy. So, I have a few hand-picked guest reviewers that have specific interests and serve as my "go to" friends when I need help.

Macy Kate is our 9 year old Southern Belle and has already won a school award for the most AR points in her grade. She will pop-up when I have middle grade lit. and her reviews will either be written in a book report format or as a vlog (video blog post).


The Boys are my two little men that review most of the children's books with me.
The Mob should more appropriately be called The Jr. Breakfast Club but it consists of six Middle Grade Hooligans {Macy Kate falls into this category too}.

Rocky a college girl who loves a good fairy tale.
Ms. Leger from Leger's Ledger, is a middle school teacher deep in the heart of Texas. Her reading interests are middle-grade, historical fiction and non-fiction.

Reviewers of Past
ISRBR has been around since April 2010 and there have been several reviewers come and go. A large amount of the reviews in our index were done by Kelli as she was the primary reviewer for several years. She has moved on to greener pastures (motherhood). MaddieB was our teen reviewer while she was in high school but she grew up! She still continues to devour books but they are of a different nature now >>insert diabolical laugh<< TEXTBOOKS are her new jam. Spencer Cole could really breakdown a book to movie adaptation but has found new writing adventures.

Updated 1.25.17