Book Review: Wildman by JC Geiger

“How can a total stranger understand you better than the people you’ve known your entire life?”
When Lance’s ’93 Buick breaks down in the middle of nowhere, he tells himself Don’t panic. After all, he’s valedictorian of his class. First-chair trumpet player. Scholarship winner. Nothing can stop Lance Hendricks.

But the locals don’t know that. They don’t even know his name. Stuck in a small town, Lance could be anyone: a delinquent, a traveler, a maniac. One of the townies calls him Wildman, and a new world opens up.

He’s ordering drinks at a roadhouse. Jumping a train. Talking to an intriguing older girl who is asking about his future. And what he really wants. As one day blurs into the next, Lance finds himself drifting farther from home and closer to a girl who makes him feel a way he’s never felt before—like himself.

Release Date: June 2017
Age Group:  YA, Contemporary
Source: Review Copy from Publisher
Reviewed By: Maryn

Lance Hendricks has it all, a bright future all laid out, but he is dissatisfied, unsettled, stuck.

He feels that a direct path has been laid out for him, and he doesn't have any say in his future. When his car breaks down on his way home from an audition, he is left stranded in a sketchy town in the middle of nowhere. And that's where things tried to get interesting.

I really enjoyed the first few chapters of Wildman, but it felt like a chore as I continued reading, the pacing was just too slow. And Lance Hendricks wasn't a very likable character and I had a hard time relating to him. He was very indecisive, and his train of thought was often hard to follow. Basically, he was your typical guy, so I think guys might relate better to him.

I think some of my disinterest was due to the fact that some of the details just didn't relate to the main story and weren't necessary to the plot. It left me bored.

I really enjoyed  the authors writing style and the way he described things in specific detail (when it related to the plot). His detail really added to my imagination and did make parts of the story more vivid and enjoyable. Although I didn't love the book, I feel that it provides a lot of important life lessons and it did make me think of myself in different situations and how I might react. I think this might be a book that guys my age would enjoy, they can definitely relate to Lance better than I can.

Book Spotlight: The Map to You by Lindy Zart (Roomies Spin-off)

One of the funniest Rom-Com's I've ever read was Roomies by Lindy Zart, man I loved that book. Actually, I haven't read a book by Lindy that I haven't loved.

I am pretty sure I have emailed Lindy more than once asking when we would get Blake's story and FINALLY it has a date! Mark your calendars people because this November it's here!

 The Map to You
 A Least Likely Romance

Keeping his inner demons at bay means Blake Malone has more than enough trouble on his plate. He doesn’t need any extra complications. But that’s exactly what he gets when, on his way to North Dakota, he leaves his truck unattended—and returns to find a beautiful woman sleeping in the front seat.

Opal Allen seems to have a knack for attracting trouble. Which is why she isn’t about to tell her new road trip companion the real reason she needs to hightail it out of town. But Blake has a way of seeing right through her, which is both terrifying and exhilarating. Now her biggest problem is figuring out how to resist their undeniable attraction. Because once this road trip is over, she plans on never seeing Blake again.

But the best adventures don’t go according to plan.

Pre-Order your copy today and rest assured that when November 28th hits, you will have a sweet download waiting for you!

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If you are still on the fence, here's a little taste. You're welcome. Well, if I'm being honest, thanks Lindy. :)

Last I checked, I was traveling alone.

I walk to my grandfather’s truck, a 1987 Ford F-series pickup in blue and white, and blink at the small form curled up on the seat.

Under the darkened dome of the sky, it’s hard to discern anything other than the size of the thing inside my truck, and that it has dark hair. It could be a man, a woman—even a kid. I quickly scan the parking lot, searching for any accomplices to a premeditated crime involving yours truly.

It’s the end of August, and the days can be wicked humid and hot, but the same can’t be said for the nights. I have on a light jacket to help keep the chill off my skin. I glance into the cab of the truck. Small as this person is, they have to be feeling the cold.

The night is still and quiet, only two other vehicles taking up parking spaces of the 24-hour convenience store. It’s after midnight on a Wednesday. Most sane people are home and in bed. I focus on the stranger in my truck. Whatever they’re up to, it’s bound to be nefarious. I like my share of nefarious dealings, as long as I’m the one doing them.

Muttering to myself and craving a cigarette, I carefully set down the plastic bag of chips, beef jerky, and orange juice I purchased to curb the hunger gnawing at my gut. I rub the stubble along my jaw, head cocked, as I come to a decision. It’s an easy one—whoever they are, they can’t stay in my truck.

Hands out, palms down, I soundlessly skulk around the front of the truck and toward the passenger side. My eyes shift from side to side in pursuit of any possible friends of theirs hoping to make my night especially spectacular with a blunt object to the back of the head. I feel ridiculous, sure I look like the Pink Panther slinking around in the dark.

My boot kicks a piece of gravel and it pings against the side of the truck my mother secretly kept in a storage unit all these years for me. I didn’t even know the truck was still around until my brother Graham unknowingly drove it from North Dakota to Wisconsin my last week in the Cheesehead state. I just about cried when I saw it. Just about, but not quite—because crying would be bad for my image. My throat burned from keeping it in, though, and when Kennedy, Graham’s girlfriend, commented on the redness of my eyes, I told her it was a reaction to whatever perfume she’d doused herself in.

Smooth, that’s me.

I wince, hoping the rock didn’t do any damage to the truck. This is one of the last pieces I have of the man who never judged me in all the years he was alive. Good thing for my grandfather’s untarnished view of me that my life didn’t completely fall to shit until after he died.

A head snaps up, and large, dark eyes slam into mine. I freeze against the unexpected jolt of them. The woman appears youngish, her face pointy and elfin. Her features are interesting, like it couldn’t be decided whether to make her look exotic or plain. We study one another for one charged moment, and then whatever had her immobile collapses. Her mouth opens in a piercing scream, and she scrambles to the middle of the cab. I jerk back, her reaction startling me.

“What the hell kind of a person creeps up on someone like that?” she accuses. Her voice is breathless, but there is an undertone of huskiness that brings my nerve endings to attention.

I open my mouth with the intention of apologizing, and then realize what I’m about to do. Scowl taking over my features, I grip the door handle and pull. She scoots across the seat with her back to the driver’s side door and, wide-eyed, looks back at me.

“Get out…of my truck,” I say slowly, setting my palms on the worn and torn vinyl upholstery to lean forward menacingly.


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Movie Review: Wonder Woman

I am a sucker for Superhero flick... THOR & Iron Man, #nuff said. But when I saw the preview for Wonder Woman it was a new kind of excitement, it was both a proud and longing feeling of energy and anticipation.

Wonder Woman was hands down the best Super Hero adaptation everrrrr! A female heroin charged by love, The. Best. I don't think that there could have been a better time in this generation to introduce the power of a female and the power of love. A must-see for the whole family!

This tweet sums up my feelings. I'm with you Meg. #fistbump