Summer Reading Challenge: The Great American Read {sponsored by PBS, encouraged by Goodreads}

It is easy to find a summer reading program at the local library for your kids but what about the tweens and up? I know when mine turn 12 they become way too cool for the library and my super cute book bags. It's always a challenge to cultivate summer reading because apparently reading parties are uncool... pshhhh... amateurs.

So I thought I'd spread the word on the coolest summer challenge to date and what my tween and I will be doing this summer! She is currently very unexcited but I am super persuasive & very charming (and I can take her phone away) so I think we are going to have a fantastic time choosing from the top 100! {read below for details} My goal is to read 5 this summer and she hopes to read 2. #smallsteps

PBS is sponsoring The Great American Read and they have a list of America's 100 Most-Loved Books >>HERE and if you are like me and need a list to check off visit >>HERE to print the checklist.

I was surprised by some of the choices: 50 Shades of Grey 🙅🏼 #hardpass but The Color Purple, Jane Eyre, The Giver... YES! YES! YES!

📖 📚 📖 How many have you read?! 📖 📚 📖

Our friends at Goodreads are on board too, they have created two exclusive reading challenges {download image HERE} and several reading lists of their own.
Goodreads also has compiled several book lists to make summer even easier! You don't have to search out the next great read, you just choose a list group and go with it! Book lists are the only instances where I am perfectly fine with being told what to do.
The Hottest Books of Summer list courtesy Goodreads

Every Kind of Getaway list courtesy Goodreads


Happy reading friends! May your days be filled with sun, books, giggles and great escapes!

📖☀️🌮⛱📚 {Repeat} 📖☀️🌮⛱📚 {Repeat} 📖☀️🌮⛱📚

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