At a Loss for Words

Do you ever get reviewer's block?  I find that when I am reviewing a middle-of-the-road book I have a hard time coming up with things to say.  When I love a book, I don't have any problems coming up with my review.  When I hate a book, I have lots to say about why I didn't like it.  But when I feel ambivalent about a book, or like it just "okay," I can't ever think of much to say.  

Does this ever happen to you?  What do you do when you are short on words?


  1. Oh yeah! I feel ya.
    I am the same way.

    Sometimes I have a hard time getting inspired too. That is usually when I do minis.

  2. I know what you mean! I do a couple things- I'll either do mini-reviews. OR a lot of the time, I just don't review them at all (unless it's a review copy). I don't review every book I read. I feel that if I don't have anything to actually add to discussion and knowledge about the book, there is no point to me writing a review about it.

  3. This happens to me all the time! It even sometimes happens with books I love because I can't adequately translate how much I loved the book into a coherent review. Middle of the road books are always hardest though, and a lot of the times I find myself saying the same thing as I have for a past review without realizing it.

    Normally, I hold off on writing the review for a few days and let things stew. And then if words still won't come, I usually write a review explaining that exact thing. That for some reason, the book just didn't leave a mark on me and it's difficult to explain why. No harm in that:)

  4. I definitely get reviewer's block. Sometimes words pour into me and sometimes they don't. It seems to happen regardless of how much I like the book. I often read a lot of other people's reviews for a book to help put my thoughts together. I don't know that this works for everyone, because it can easy to unconsciously parrot someone else - but for me, it helps jog my memory.

  5. This happens ALL THE TIME for us!!! Honestly, if I am short on words I may not review the book or if I do have to review the book I will so more of a synopsis of the book with a few of my thoughts thrown in.


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