Waiting on Wednesday 8/18/10

As always, thank you to Jill at Breaking the Spine for hosting this fun meme.  Waiting on Wednesdays is a great way to find out about new books and add to my ever-growing To-Be-Read list!

We suspect that nearly everyone will have chosen this book this week, but right now, there's just really no other book for us!

All we have to say is: Suzanne Collins better give us some kind of HEA (happily ever after) or we're gonna start our own uprising!  (Cue Muse's Uprising)

What are you waiting on this week?


  1. i can't wait for this - it is going to be awesome - that said if it isn't I'll join in the uprising with you

  2. You're gonna have to fight alot of people to get this book. Seems everyone is wanting to read it as well. I hope that you get your book soon and that it is everything you hope it to be. Here is what I am Waiting on Wednesday for.

  3. As much as I've heard about this series, I really should read the books. "Moves books up the never ending list."

    A Book Obsession..

  4. I am dying to read this book! The series is one of the best I've read in a long time. Great pick :)

  5. Wow, I've been seeing this book suggestion alot lately. Putting it on my "check it out" list.

    Happy Wednesday :D

  6. I am rereading Catching Fire and giving away a Mockingjay book thong on my blog in anticipation of Mockingjay! Can't wait! :)

    - Violet @ The Eager Readers

  7. I'm so out of the loop for not reading this series! :) Nice pick. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

  8. Hey - just hoppin' by! I started the hop on Friday, but had to leave, just now getting back to it. Hope you had a great weekend! Stop by The Wormhole and say hi!

  9. hi thanks for stopping by my blog. cool that i have a new follower who loves VA with a husband who loves LOTR like me! I love those books and can you believe I still watch LOTR whenever i have nothing to watch? i guess ive watched the movies a hundred times already! crazy me!

    i know i know you're thinking it's too early for Friday Blog hopping but actually this is too too late for last week's hop. :) just had a crazy week but i'm definitely hopping again!

    if you have time, come visit my "other" blog with my latest movie review about The Expendables:


    have a fun blogging day!


  10. Get ready! It's out next week!


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