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Here is a list of books that have been sitting on my TBR shelf, some of which have been sitting there for a long time. I’ve been waiting to devour these books but haven’t had the chance yet. I hope to fix that this year. And here they are, in no particular order:
  1. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins – I must be one of the few who has yet to read this series. I cannot wait to see what all of the fuss is about.
  2. Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #8) by J.R. Ward – I pre-ordered this sucker and got it the day after it released and I still have yet to read it. Sad, isn’t it? I need my John Matthew fix! This is the BDB story I’ve been waiting for! I’m coming JM!!!
  3. Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead – Kelli has been getting on my booty to read this series. She swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
  4. This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, #5) by Jeaniene Frost – I need Cat and Bones.
  5. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks – There are only 3 books of his that I have not yet read. That will be fixed this year and I can’t wait to see what he releases this fall.
  6. Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks
  7. The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
  8. April & Oliver by Tess Callahan – This sounds like a great tension-filled love story.
  9. The Shifter series by Rachel Vincent – I read the first book and never got around to reading the rest (though I’ve slowly, but surely, been collecting the series and now I have all of them). I need to find out how this Faythe/Marc/Jace love triangle works out!
  10. Sea by Heidi Kling – The book blurb had me.
  11. Susan Mallery book – I’ve heard great things about this romance author. I actually have a few of her books but haven’t read anything by her yet.
  12. Moira Rogers book – Another author I have yet to read but I hear this duo is a must read for PNR fans.
  13. Under the Dome by Stephen King – This will pop my Stephen King cherry. The size of this book intimidates me. I should have gotten the Kindle edition. My wrists are going to kill me.
  14. Dead in the Family (Sookie #10) by Charlaine Harris – Another book I’ve had for about a year that I need to read. I need to catch up with Sookie and her adventures. Such a fun vampire series.
  15. Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter – I read the first 2 chapters in the first book last year, then I had to put it down. Not because I didn’t want to read it; I had some other books I had to read and it sort of just got left on the back burner. What I did read, I liked. Reminds me of the BDB Series.
  16. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare – A YA series that seems to be a big hit.
  17. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch – This guy touched my heart. I watched part of his one-hour lecture on YouTube and the man brought me to tears.
  18. The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon – After reading/watching The Time Traveler’s Wife, I’m ready for more time travel romance.
  19. Taken by Storm by Angela Morrison – Sounds like a good YA romance.
  20. Flashforward by Robert. J. Sawyer – I am still pissed my TV show got canceled. This was a great show and I miss it. When I found out it was based on a novel, I picked up a copy. I need closure.
So there you have it. Feel free to leave a comment letting me know which of these books should be at the TOP of my reading list.

A BIG thank you to The Book Vixen for stopping by to chat!


  1. I love Stephen King. I did like The Dome, but his best work IMP is The Stand. I am also glad to know I am not the last person on earth who has not read the Hunger Games OR Vampire Academy! I plan to get to them soon though.

  2. LOVE Vampire Academy! It's a great, fun read. The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments are also on my TBR list!

  3. You need to read 'Lover Mine' first, and then the latest in the series, 'Lover Unleashed' which just came out a few days ago - I've just finished reading it on my kindle. Cant understand how you could resist 'Lover Mine' so long; what's with that?? You should also move Diana Gabaldon up that list, they are great!

  4. I need to try Under the Dome :)

  5. I agree with you on The Hunger Games! I feel like Im one of the few left who haven't read it..and everyone seems to love it!

  6. The Hunger Games trilogy is a must read! I DO love me some Susan Mallory too, but I didn't care much for The Lords of the Underworld... Everyone seems to love them, I found them ridiculous and nothing compared to BDB, but I worship the BDB series so it's hard to compare anything to it! Great list lady ;)

  7. I agree with you on so many of these books! I love all the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, The Hunger Games trilogy is awesome, and so are the Vampire Academy series. I also love Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is still my favorite of his. I am so making my way through The Outlander series, love them!

  8. yay for hunger games! they are all "can't put down" good - you'll fly through them.

    I'll have to take a look at some of these others!

  9. No matter what order you read them in, it sounds like you're going to have an awesome reading year! I just read The Hunger Games and can't wait to get to the others in the series! I've also just read Vampire Academy and will be reading Outlander later this month and put Lover Unleashed on hold at my library.

    It sounds like we're discovering a lot of great books at the same time.

  10. Forgot to add that Susan Mallery is a pretty good read when you are in the mood for something light and fun.

  11. I will read the Hunger Games series by the end of the year. I started it last year but just couldn't get into it. I know, I am weird.

    Also, I could go on and on all day about the amazing that is FlashForward. I kinda hate the public for not watching that show.

  12. *TAKE TWO* I typed out a long comment in response to some of the other commenters and Blogger lost it! Here we go again.

    Shannon - I'm looking forward to reading The Stand as well. The movie came on TV the other day, and I was going to watch it, but thought nah, I'll read the book. LOL

    Belle - I am so behind on the cool books!

    Jess - I can't believe I bought LM a year ago and still haven't read it yet either! I tried reading it a few months ago but I was a bit behind on review requests so I felt guilty and put it down. LM will probably be the last BDB book I read. I'm just not interested in the other characters...expect maybe Tohr. Maybe.

    Bookish Brunette - Oh noes, you didn't like LotU? I know what you mean about comparing similar books and series to BDB. BDB is a great series. I love me alpha male vampires so I'm still going to give LotU a try. I read the first book in the Midnight series by Lara Adrian and it too reminded me of BDB (BDB being better of course).

    Angela - Yay! Another Nicholas Sparks fan :) The Notebook was my favorite book and movie. They did a great job with the movie staying true to the book.

    Katie - I can't believe they canceled Flashforward either! I was so pissed!! Hopefully I'll get closure from reading the book.

  13. I'm seriously so embarrassed that I haven't read The Mortal Instruments yet. I think Kelly already slapped me. hehehe

    Glad I'm not the only one.

    Now, get to reading girly. :)

  14. Missie - Kelli's slapped me around for not having read the Vampire Academy series :)

  15. 1. The Hunger Games
    2. Dead in the Family (nxt book comes in less than a month!)
    3. Mortal Instruments
    ...and the rest is readers choice.


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