TV Tuesday

TV Tuesday is a meme created by Mystee that I loved! I work, have kids and love to be on the go so my schedule doesn't always allow for my reading list to change each week. But what does change week to week are the different TV episodes and movies that I watch. Typically I like the paranormal, sci-fi, lovey-dovey, teen drama and action packed entertainment, so I can promise there will be variety. I am going to post my reviews of some of the entertainment that I watch, whether impressed or not. So without further adieu here is what is on my TV plate for this week...
What a PERFECT day to begin... ECLIPSE is finally here and I will be there at midnight tonight with all the screaming little girls :) 

I already know that I am going to love it and that I will be back to watch it with my hubby this weekend (yes he goes but I can't wear my "Bite Me" shirt). No big Eclipse Party planned for tonight but there will be one later in the month (look for pictures).

There are several ABC family shows that I follow but this week I watched the new series Pretty Little Liars and was sadly disappointed. I was really excited about this series because of all the "talk" but it was just unimpressive. It reminds me of a drawn out I Know What you Did Last Summer kind of feel. I also watched the first season and the first few episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I think I like the drama of all these sex crazed kids and can't believe all the sexual freedom they feel they are entitled. Both of these shows are on ABC Family (yes ABC Family not HBO or Showtime) and they are both totally inappropriate for young audiences, sometimes I feel like they are inappropriate for adults.


I have always been a X Files fan so Supernatural (on the CW) easily drew me in! I am in the 5th Season now and it is getting more and more paranormal to say the least. There are lots of Angels and demons and the devil in this season so if religious themes bother you, skip this season.  I am in the 11th episode of the total 22 this season. 
***And the best surprise of the day... our beloved Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is going to be made into a movie! Click here for the announcement!***


  1. My girls have been counting down to eclipse for the last month {help'm a true blood fanatic}. However, Eclipse was my fav it may be OK :)

    I've been debating on trying to watch Supernatural. It was coming on after Vampire Diaries. But I'm such a freak about having to see things from start to finish, that I'd have to start at season 1. I may give it a try though.

    Dang..I hadn't heard about Vampire Academy. I guess I should get the books.

    Now that someone's picked this up and letting me know...I'll do a post similar to this one { } each week and anyone wanting to can link :)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. Cool! I didn't know Vampire Academy was going to be a movie. I'm really excited about that. I sure hope they do it right. Hmm...who's going to be Dimitri?

  3. Yesssssss that's gonna be an awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Now we have someone else to stalk---whoever they choose to play Dimitri. He better be perfect, or we will stage a revolt!


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