Book Review: Why Can't Everyday be Halloween? by Jaclyn Kruzie

Summary: Who doesn't want holiday fun to last a little longer? One young boy does! He wishes Halloween would last forever. It is also the night monsters roam, and they show up in the most unexpected places.

Release Date: 2015
Age Group: Children, Rhyming-Text
Source: Amazon Purchase
Reviewed By: Nat & The Boys

I don't normally start off a review with a quote but this is fitting. Tim Burton once said,
Everyday is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us...
I love Halloween. I love the colors, the pumpkins, the black cats & witches, the costumes, really I love all of it except the candy. I loathe the candy. It is very surprising to people that know me when I tell them I confiscate all candy on November 1st. My monsters get to choose 5 pieces to hoard away and eat at their own discretion... eat it all at once or eat it sparingly, I don't care BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THEY HAVE ACCESS TOO!

Don't panic, I don't throw away the overpriced chocolate. I happily donate it the first chance I get and get that crap out of my house. Obviously, I loved this book because it was inline with my mad parenting skills.

Why Can't Everyday Be Halloween? is a fun children's book that tells the tale of coming down from a month of monsters and candy. Of course this story relays to kids in a fun way what might happen if you keep eating all that junk; unlike my approach of just ripping off the band-aid (aka take all the crap away).

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the story. What really caught my eye was the art! The watercolor was awesome and the facial expressions were so creepy! Hats off to Curt Cryer, you nailed it.

This really is a fun Halloween book to add to a family library or class library as a read-a-loud book. I would recommend reading this book to young children the week following Halloween. You know the week when they are whiny, won't go to bed and you almost want to choke them... THAT.WEEK.

I borrowed a copy from a friend but I did find it on Amazon HERE and ordered my own.

As always, Happy Haunting Friends & put the candy down! {Pace yo selves, your butt will thank me later}.

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